Company introduction

Foshan Huananshu water-based coating Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and sale of various types of water-based paint company. After nearly a decade of development and application of water-based coatings, the company has accumulated a mature experience in water-based coatings manufacturing technologies and services, particularly in water-based industrial coatings, the company's products have a technological advantage ahead of peers.

Our main products are water-based electrostatic spray paint, water-based dipping paint, water-based insulating paint and water-based varnish drying corrosion paint, water-based wood paint, interior and exterior wall paint and other six categories of products, while the production of customized according to the specific requirements of the user and water-based functional products to meet the user's unique process requirements.

   The principle of "Quality First" has been followed by the company all the time . In the production process, the company according to the ISO9001 quality management requirements to establish a strict quality assurance system to ensure the stability of  products’ quality.

Our products are environmentally friendly high-quality selection of materials, products do not contain any benzene solvents and heavy metals, non-toxic, low odor, in line with the EU ROHS directive. The products’ performance fully met even tough exceeded similar solvent-based products, with excellent physical and chemical properties and overall performance, but also have good workability. Products with tap water as diluent so have safe and environmental friendly features.

It is the development trend of China's coating industry to use water-based products, our government is promoting energy conservation to reduce a specific measure atmospheric haze; The use of water-based paint, which not only make the users reduce the harm of chemical solvents to employees during construction ,but also reduce the harm of social environment for traditional harmful solvent coatings , reducing emissions of harmful waste gas, waste water and waste. Using water-based products with long-term social and economic benefits!

The staff follow the "integrity, professionalism, innovation and development" spirit of enterprise.We are committed to provide users with high-quality products and professional,perfect services to make them feel more confidence, more peace of mind and to be better understand the honor and responsibility of 'business environment, citizens' in the course of using the product .

Company Vision:

Contribute to social development and environmental protection!

To provide a suitable platform for employees grow and develop to achieve the growth of personal value.

To promote the company's long-term, coordinated development!

Company target:

Professional manufacture environmentally friendly water-based coatings, committed to innovate users coating solutions

Corporate spirit

Integrity, dedication, innovation, development






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